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Industries can be categorized in terms of hazard risk they handle, i.e. by the products either in terms of input materials or output materials they handle. The machineries involved in the manufacturing process are also critical as regard the potential hazard they inherit. In terms of hazard classification Tariff Advisory Committee has an exhaustive list.

For categorisation of occupancies not listed hereunder reference shall be made to be Regional Committee.

Light Hazard Occupancies :

  1. Abrasive Manufacturing Premises
  2. Aerated Water Factories
  3. Agarbatti Manufacturing
  4. Aluminium/Zinc and Copper Factories
  5. Analytical and/or Quality Control Laboratories
  6. Asbestos Steam Packing & Lagging Manufactures
  7. Battery Charging/Service Station
  8. Battery Manufacturing
  9. Breweries
  10. Brick Works
  11. Canning Factories
  12. Cardamom Factories
  13. Cement Factories and/or Asbestos
  14. products manufacturing
  15. Ceramic factories and Crockery and stoneware pipe manufacturing
  16. Cinema Theatres (incuding Preview Theatres)
  17. Clay works
  18. Clock and Watch manufacturing
  19. Clubs
  20. Condensed Milk Factories, Milk Pasteurizing
  21. Plant and Dairies
  22. Confectionery manufacturing
  23. Dwellings
  24. Educational and Research Institution
  25. Electric Generating Houses (Hydel)
  26. Electric Lamps (Incandescent & Fluorescent) and TV picture tube manufacturing
  27. Electric sub-station/Distribution station
  28. Electro plating works
  29. Engineering workshops
  30. Fruits and Vegetables Dehydrating/Drying factories
  31. Fruit products and condiment factories
  32. Glass & Glass fibre manufacturing
  33. Godowns and Warehouses Storing non-combustible goods
  34. Gold Thread Factories/Gilding factories
  35. Gun and/or Glue and gelatin manufacturing
  36. Hospitals including X-ray and other Diagnostic clinics
  37. Ice Candy and Ice-cream manufacturing Ice factories
  38. Ink( excluding printing Ink) factories
  39. Laundries
  40. Libraries
  41. Mica Products manufacturing
  42. Museums
  43. Office premises
  44. Pottery works
  45. Poultry Farms
  46. Residential Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants
  47. Salt crushing factories and refineries
  48. Stables
  49. Sugar Candy manufacturing
  50. Sugar factories and refineries
  51. Tanneries
  52. Tea Blending and tea packing factories
  53. Umbrella assembling factories
  54. Vermicelli factories
  55. Water treatment/Water filtration plants and water pump houses

Ordinary Hazard Occupancies

  1. Areca nut slicing and/or Betel nut Factories
  2. Atta and Cereal Grinding
  3. Bakeries
  4. Biscuits factories
  5. Beddi factories
  6. Bobbin Factories
  7. Book-binders, Envelops & Paper bag manufacturers
  8. Candle works
  9. Cinema film production studies
  10. Card board box manufacturing
  11. Carbon and paper/Typewriter Ribbon manufacturing
  12. Carpet and Drugget factories
  13. Carpenters, woodwool & furniture manufacturing
  14. Camphor boiling
  15. Cashewnut factories
  16. Chemical manufacturing
  17. Cigar and Cigarette factories
  18. Coffee curing, Roasting & grinding premises
  19. Coir factories
  20. Cork products manufacturing
  21. Coir, carpets, rugs and Tobacco
  22. Hides and skin process
  23. Dry cleaning, dyeing, laundries
  24. Cable manufacturing
  25. Electric generating stations (other than Hydel)
  26. Enamelware factories
  27. Filter & wax-paper manufacturing
  28. Flour mills
  29. Garment makers
  30. Ghee factories (other than vegetable)
  31. Godowns & Warehouses (others)
  32. Grain and/or seeds disintegrating and/or crushing factories
  33. Grease manufacturing
  34. Hat and topee factories
  35. Hosiery, lace, embroidery & Thread factories
  36. Incandescent gas mantle manufacturers
  37. Jute mills and jute process
  38. Man-made yarn/fibre manufacturing
  39. Manure and fertilizer works (Blending, mixing and granulating only)
  40. Oil & leather cloth factories
  41. Mineral oil blending and processing
  42. Oxygen plants
  43. Paper & cardboard mills (except raw material storage yard)
  44. Plastic goods manufacturing
  45. Plywood manufacturing/wood veneering factories
  46. Printing press premises
  47. Pulverizing and crushing mills
  48. Rice mills
  49. Rope works
  50. Rubber goods manufacturing
  51. Shellac factories
  52. Silk filatures and cocoon stores
  53. Spray painting
  54. Soaps and Glycerin factories
  55. Starch factories
  56. Tea factories
  57. Textile mills
  58. Tobacco chewing and pan-masala making
  59. Tobacco grinding and crushing
  60. Tobacco redrying factories
  61. Woolen mills

High Hazard Occupancies

  1. Aircraft hangers
  2. Aluminium/Magnesium powder plans
  3. Bituminised paper and/or Hessian Cloth
  4. Manufacturing including Tar felt manufacturing.
  5. Cotton waste factories.
  6. Coal and/or Coke and/or Charcoal Ball Briquettes manufacturing.
  7. Celluloid goods manufacturing.
  8. Cigarette Filter manufacturing.
  9. Cotton seed cleaning or delinting factories.
  10. Distilleries.
  11. Duplicating and stencil paper manufacturing.
  12. Fire Works manufacturing.
  13. Foamed plastic manufacturing and/or converting plants.
  14. Grass, hay, fodder and bhoosa (chaff).
  15. Pressing factories.
  16. Industrial gas manufacturing.
  17. Match factories.
  18. Mattress and pillow making.
  19. Oil mills.
  20. Oil extraction plants.
  21. Oil terminals/depots.
  22. Paints and varnish factories.
  23. Paper and cardboard mills (raw material storage yard).
  24. Painting ink manufacturing.
  25. Saw mills.
  26. Metal or tin printers (where more than 50% of floor area is occupied as engineering workshop this may be taken as ordinary hazard risk).
  27. Sugar cotton manufacturers.
  28. Tarpaulin and canvas proofing factories.
  29. Turpentine and rosin distilleries.
  30. Tyre rethreading and resoling factories.
  31. Ammonia and urea synthesis plants.
  32. Explosive factories.
  33. LPG Bottling Plants.
  34. Petrochemical Plants.
  35. Petroleum Refineries.</ br>