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Fire Protection Rules

As per the Rules relating to fire protection in West Bengal, it is compulsory for all installations after a certain level to obtain No Objection Certificate from the Director general of Fire Services.

The Director General shall issue recommendations for the establishment. Subsequently, the office of the Director General has to be approached to verify the compliance of the recommendations and installation of the safety items. The final N.O.C is issued after the final confirmation is given.

The following are a set of general recommendations which are to be followed for a building :

General Recommendations :

  1. Good housekeeping to be maintained both inside as well as outside the building;
  2. Fire License to be obtained wherever required under the West Bengal Fire Service Act, 1950;
  3. Floor Numbers as well as directional signs of escape routes to be prominently displayed;
  4. Fire Notice for evacuation and fire fighting to be prepared to display at all vulnerable places in the building;
  5. The occupants, employees and security staff to be made well-conversant about the installed fire safety and protection measures for their use in exigencies;
  6. Arrangements to be made for the regular maintenance and checking of the installed fire protection measures to impart cent percent confidence regarding their perfect working in times of need;
  7. Trained Firemen and Fire Officers in the form of prescribed crew to be maintained for round the clock safety of the establishment;
  8. Mock practice and fire evacuation drills to be organized for the regular periodical performance in accordance to the National Building Code - Part IV;
  9. The No Objection Certificate issued by the Director general, West Bengal Fire Services to be reviewed and renewed annually.