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All through the ages gardens have been symbols of splendour and places of peace. For most of us garden is a private refuge where we can satisfy our need for beauty, tranquility and achievement. The garden provides link with Nature.

This offer/facility is produced specially for those whose garden is mostly made and looked after without professional help. The aim of OBS Facilities is to provide a useful reference for those who wish to grow flowers to perfection and to make their gardens a complete success both from the point of view of production and appearance.

Guidance as to when they should be planted, their habit of growth and height, the position in the garden that suits them best, the most useful varieties, Cultural management and so on, devotes special attention.

Every operation to perform from Cutting to Pruning, from the improvement of the clay soil, planning and laying of gardens large and small, the making of Herbaceous borders and Rock gardens, the construction of Ornamental pools, Fountains and other features without which a garden is no garden but merely a collection of flowers.

In short we will cover :

  • Soil preparation;
  • Fertilizers and Manures;
  • Compositing and Manuring;
  • Principle of Pruning;
  • Ornamental Grasses;
  • Lawn making;
  • Flower arrangement;
  • Shrubs and Trees;
  • Hedges;
  • Plant Diseases control;
  • Garden Pests control;
  • Garden Weeds and their control

Please note :

  • We have our own Green House, Nursery, Growth areas.
  • We have the expertise and the will to execute as we have shown in other areas of the services.
  • As regards watering of the plants are concerned, we can provide Sprinkler irrigation which can automatically water plants.
  • This is an ambition and a passion, kindly support to a scientific solution towards your gardening needs which was never addressed before like the way we understand.